• High flexibility thanks to the modular Bus connection system
  • Customization
  • Fast response to special requests
  • In-House hardware and software design
  • In-House RF engineering design
  • In-House ergonomics design
  • Application engineering design
  • Swiss precision applied to the industrial controls
  • High quality of boards and components

E-Chronos is a Company founded at the end of 2017 as a new reality in the Radio Remote Control producers panorama.

Electronic and Software engineers crews are working to develop the most complete range of systems starting from little control applications.

The FireFly concept was the first target realized to test the excellent core functionality of the special RF module that with its sophisticated and advanced technology, is able to avoid any kind of job-sites disturbs in addition to its big range of area transmission requested on some very special application like the forest one.

This feature will be a standard applied to all E-Chronos Radio Remote Controls.

A new friendly configuration concept called "E-Chronos eDrop" (software already available), will also open the door to many other and more complex applications doable in the very near future.

The technology applied to the internal bus-type connections, allows a great miniaturization of the systems, a significant saving on production costs and makes the assistance service much easier.

All functions can be programmed as inputs or outputs, both digital and analogical and with any type of automation, the Can-Bus connection technology, the transmission of real-time feedback of all the maneuvers displayed on the transmitter unit, are just some of the quality standards included.